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Bloom your business with Last Minute Mother's Day Promotion Tactics.

Mother's Day is one of the biggest gifts-giving day of the year. In 2012, consumer spending reached $18.6 billion for Mother's Day, with the average of $152.52 on gifts per person; 1 in 4 shoppers purchased their Mother's Day gifts online. These numbers are expected to be even higher in 2013.

This year, Mother's Day will land on May 12th. Chinese, South Asian, and Japanese also celebrate Mother's day on the same day. In South Korea, Mother's Day is known as Parent's Day, which combines both Mother's Day and Father's Day. It is always on May 8th.

With less than two weeks away, if you haven't started your Mother's Day promotion, time is running out. But don't sweat it! Here are some easy and effective tactics for implementing a Mother's Day marketing campaign:

People visit your website for Mother's Day gift shopping, your promotion needs to catch their eyes as soon as they arrive at your website. This means featuring some of the most appropriate gifts on your landing page to grab visitors' attention. Moreover, you can maximize the customer experience of your website during their visit by inserting a special Mother's Day menu bar for easy navigation. It will also be wise to add your Mother's Day greetings in your targeted ethnic audience's own language such as Chinese, Panjabi, Korean, and Japanese.

People are not tired of sales emails; they are just tired of "junk mails". Email marketing is an effective promotion tool for holiday promotions. Your customers will pay more attention to gift guide in their inbox for their gift ideas. Highly successful email marketing campaigns reach conversion rate of at least 5%. The elements of an effective email campaign include attention grabbing subject line, persuasive copywriting techniques, qualified customers, appropriate promotion programs, and call-to-action links. Your gift guide can be prepared in different languages, and the suggested gift items should be carefully selected for each ethnic group.

Social media is your best tool to increase revenue for holiday sales, especially Mother's Day. One of the approach is to post some product shots of your promotional items on your Facebook or Pinterest pages with your offers to create buzz and drive traffic to your website. If possible, hire a professional photographer to take your product shots. A high quality product shot not only presents higher value of your goods, but also has better success of a viral effect. Remember to utilize your Facebook cover to promote your Campaign as well. Besides promoting to your current fans, you can also consider Facebook Offers to attract quality leads.

There are always last-minute shoppers scrambling to purchase their Mother's Day gifts. So, make it easy with special shipping and/or delivery incentives. Overnight shipping will calm their anxiety. Free gift-wrapping service will definitely sweeten the deal. Make sure these offers are featured prominently in your ads.

So, is your business ready to make your Mother's Day profitable?


May 01, 2013
Posted By Amber Liu

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